The Idea Catalogue is ready!

The many ideas from the REfugee REsponse Seminar has now been gathered into a catalogue. It is filled with guides on how to make a difference for refugees as scouts and

See the catalogue here: 
How to make a difference for refugees

The catalogue is divided into sections. Some ideas are easy to get going while others require a bit more planning. Also, some ideas make sense if you operate in a country where refugees pass through while others are about enabling integration in the countries where the refugees settle into new communities.

In the catalogue, you can also find a short guide to fundraising and to cooperation with other organisations – NGOs, authorities etc.

Best of luck with making a difference in your community!

This is a starting point!

Interview with Andrea Demarmels, Chairman of the Regional Committee WOSM Europe:

With a hundred participants from all over Europe, the REfugee REsponse Seminar has set the direction for scouts and guides working to help refugees. The seminar’s pragmatic approach to the current situation in Europe aims to inspire new initiatives and cooperation in local communities across the region.

The most important lesson learned from this seminar is that scouts and guides across Europe really want to take part in their local communities. It is active citizenship in its pure form, where we look behind the tragedy and the politics and see the human beings in need of help here and now.

Pragmatic humanity
At WOSM Europe we got many inquiries from national scouting organizations in search of knowledge on how to take an active part in helping refugees. The Danish Guides and Scouts agreed to help facilitate Refugee Response Seminar and it is a joy to have participants from 27 countries gathered today to join in developing and sharing best practice.

The seminar displays how scouts and guides wish to react, and by joining forces at the seminar, we can now present a range of ideas to work with at a local level. In addition, cooperation across borders will be easier now that we all share an awareness of the challenges that we face and the initiatives already in place.

We do what is possible
As scouts and guides we are not naïve. We know that we cannot solve the long-term challenges of the current refugee situation. We chose to take leadership with a pragmatic approach and react to the situation by joining forces with our local communities to make a difference for some of the people affected by the tragedy of war.

This seminar is a starting point for our aim to help our local communities help refugees.


The REfugee REsponse Seminar – Recap for Friday and Saturday

Friday was a busy day in Copenhagen airport, participants from more than 25 countries were arriving from early morning until late in the evening. Some had time to go on a sightseeing tour, others chose to relax at the hotel before the opening ceremony which was followed by personal stories, shared by Fadi Kourgo, Dani Yacoub, Deniz Gül and David Hansen on how they have experienced refugee situations.

Saturday started off early with a morning greeting at 08.30am and so followed the day’s programme. The Swedish Scouts shared their experiences on how they have contributed to the refugee situation. With examples of how a local group had invited refugees to an event.
Refuge Response Seminar CPH 2015-0420- Johny Kristensen
Next followed a panel discussion on how youth organizations can play a key role. Leaving the participants with an important phrase to remember “Work with the refugees, not always for them”.
WOSM facilitated a session in Diversity and Inclusion in Europe.
One of the main points was:

“it is important to remember, that it is about we – not us and them”.

In the end of the sessions different countries shared how they included refugees in their volunteer work.

Wall of ideas is a wall of best practices and statements on how to include refugees in the world of scouting. The wall is filling up with colorful post-its with great suggestions – some of them are:

  • Share a meal
  • If you include the children, the adults will follow.
  • Keep it simple
  • Create understanding through contact.Wall of Ideas, Fb gruppe, 500


We are pleased that the REfugee REsponse Seminar is now taking place. The purpose of this weekend is to create an impact and to make it possible for participants and their organizations to help refugees across Europe. It is our hope, that during the seminar participants will increase their knowledge about refugees and how best to create a positive impact.
Participants are encouraged to share best practices, ideas and knowledge on the subject.

To all of you, who could not be in Copenhagen this weekend, we invite you to join us here on the website or Facebook. We will keep you updated. Please use #refugeeresponse to share your social media posts.

Facebook for the REfugee REsponse Seminar

Facebook for Spejderne

Photo by Johny Kristensen, taken at Copenhagen Airport.

Arrival in Copenhagen Airport







We need your best practices

We encourage all participants to bring with you or give us in advance any best practices that you have or know of. The best practices will be used throughout the conference and make ensure your output is amazing. You can even present this best practice on stage in a 5-slide presentation or we can do it for you.

Thank you for making the seminar even better.
Please send us your best practices to this e-mail:

Invitation to REfugee Response Seminar

The Danish Guides and Scouts with the support of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) – European Region and Messengers of Peace (MoP) invite you to join REfugee REsponse Seminar.

The seminar will take place in Copenhagen – Denmark 27th – 29th of November 2015.

Reaching out to refugee children and young adults
Nearly 600,000 refugees and migrants fleeing war or seeking new lives have reached the European Union (EU) by sea. The refugee and migrant crisis is a challenge for all European countries, their civil society organizations, and their policy makers.

Confronted with this situation, many National Scout Organizations (NSOs) and Associations (NSAs) as well as Civil Society Organizations, are struggling how to react to this crisis. Most of us are hesitating because we are in doubt, how best to reach out to children and young refugees and legal migrants.

Civil society makes the difference
To address this challenge, the Danish Guides and Scouts, with the support of the European Scout Region and Messengers of Peace, is organizing a seminar, where scouts and youth associations from all over Europe can meet and share experiences, ideas and knowledge regarding appropriate responses to the refugee and migrant crisis.

Participants will return home equipped with tools and concrete proposals for refugee and migrant support activities in their local communities. So sign-up and participate.
This website will be continously updated.

Our joint efforts will make a difference and contribute to creating a better world.refugee