We are pleased that the REfugee REsponse Seminar is now taking place. The purpose of this weekend is to create an impact and to make it possible for participants and their organizations to help refugees across Europe. It is our hope, that during the seminar participants will increase their knowledge about refugees and how best to create a positive impact.
Participants are encouraged to share best practices, ideas and knowledge on the subject.

To all of you, who could not be in Copenhagen this weekend, we invite you to join us here on the website or Facebook. We will keep you updated. Please use #refugeeresponse to share your social media posts.

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Photo by Johny Kristensen, taken at Copenhagen Airport.

Arrival in Copenhagen Airport







We need your best practices

We encourage all participants to bring with you or give us in advance any best practices that you have or know of. The best practices will be used throughout the conference and make ensure your output is amazing. You can even present this best practice on stage in a 5-slide presentation or we can do it for you.

Thank you for making the seminar even better.
Please send us your best practices to this e-mail: seminarinfo@spejderne.dk